Protecting those who Protect

Giving back to our community is our passion! Throughout our community cause campaigns, we will be carrying the flag supporting those who risk their lives every single day serving and protecting.

The role of Police is extremely complex and highly demanding, nonetheless indispensable for the safety of our entire community. Our goal here is to relieve police members or first responders when they are in need. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings especially in high-risk occupations. We pledge our support for those who put themselves in harm’s way and we hope to benefit officers’ families who are in crisis, face an unexpected bereavement or battling a life-altering medical condition. Join us!

“We will be working to assist initiatives to improve resources for our peace officers, to help fund memorial projects for our brave officers, and to encourage communication and fellowship between our local police and the communities they are sworn to protect.”  Marc Maddox

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Getting involved has never been so simple – or Free!